Military Support

We are here for you.

The military presents a unique set of circumstances that can take a toll on mental and emotional health, no matter if you are a service member in active duty, a veteran, or a spouse, family member, or friend of a service member. We want to help provide you with the support and resources you might need if you are affected by potential stress of military life.

Emotional Health Support


We are here and ready to provide you with individualized mental health support for your military experiences.


Contact us to learn more about how we can assist you with your specific emotional needs that result from military life, including spouses and dependents of service members.

Kindness Cards

Would you like to order some handmade kindness cards for yourself, your loved ones, or anyone you know who is impacted by military life?

Email us to order 10, sent directly to your recipient, at no cost to you.

Resiliency and Resources

We know military life is tough, but we also know it's extremely rewarding. We would like to provide you with inspirational resources to empower you to continue pushing forward and to keep holding on.

Check out "Military Support" on our forum to connect with others who understand and "Military Support" on our blog.

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